C13 Auto-lock Cable

C13 Auto-lock Cable

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C13 Auto-lock Cable

The power modules of the servers in the existing data centers are all using common C13 power cables without auto-lock function. In actual use, the loose plugs make the failure rate of the servers really high, and the IDC operation and maintenance department is repeatedly complained for the IDC failure. In order to completely solve the above problem, Top Electric has developed the C13 to C14 cable with auto-lock feature.image.png

Cause of power drop

Accidental collisionimage.png

Server fan long-term high frequency vibration

Insulation aging

Bending stress after cable management

Server socket and power cord socket do not match

Comprehensive reason



TOP Electric C13 Auto-Lock Cable


Here are some structures of this product:

The using environment of the product is as follows:image.png


One side of the C14 socket is blocked, so the unlocking mechanism cannot be placed on the blocked side.

Adopting the red operating position in the figure, after pressing, the locking piece is guided to the rear, the structure is unlocked, and the same operation mode is adopted when inserting and pulling out, which can avoid the wear of the locking device by multiple insertion and removal, and the relative potential danger. The process of unlocking and unplugging merges into one action.

Since the C14 socket is flexible and versatile, it can be placed as shown above, and it can also be rotated by 90 degrees. There might be some situations that the C14 socket blocks the plug’s unlocking mechanism. To make it easy for users to operate the unlock button, we set and located the unlocking button at the rear of the plug. 。

A Case in Alibaba:

A data center in Alibaba, has a total of 10,000 servers, the standard is relatively uniform, using a large number of ordinary C13-C14 power cord. One server has two redundant power supplies, two cables, and a total of 20,000 cables.

Now the C14 port is plugged into the PDU. The PDU has a locking structure. The C13 port is inserted into the server without auto-locking feature. It is fastened with a bandage. The manual installation cost is 5 yuan/person/cable. Since the operation of the data center, there have been more than 80 servers meet power failures, of which 75% are caused by loose sockets (two redundant power cables fall off together will cause server downtime), a total of 60 servers.

Unit: Chinese yuan

Calculated according to the loss of 10,000 yuan per server: 60 × 10,000 = 600,000

Each ordinary power cable is calculated at 11 yuan: 20,000 ×  11 =  220,000

Manual installation fee: 20,000 ×  5 = 100,000

So the actual cost of using the normal C13 cable is : (600,000+220,000+100,000)/20,000=46/article