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Precision power distribution cabinetThe precision power distribution cabinet is an intelligent power distribution cabinet that comprehensively collects energy data for the energy end of the data cente

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Precision power distribution cabinet

The precision power distribution cabinet is an intelligent power distribution cabinet that comprehensively collects energy data for the energy end of the data center equipment room. The intelligent headstock provides high-precision measurement data for the terminal energy monitoring system, and the power quality data is reflected in real time through the display unit. And upload to the background environment control system through digital communication. To achieve effective management of real-time monitoring and operational quality of the entire distribution system. It is mainly used for important customers such as IDC data centers or industrial enterprises such as telecommunications, finance, government and IT. It provides power distribution, distribution loop protection, measurement and management services for important equipment such as network servers, and is used for high reliability of power supply. The field of uninterrupted power supply.

Breakthrough Electric ST-XL Precision Power Distribution Cabinet is a fully intelligent and modular power distribution cabinet developed and designed according to the specific needs of customers. It accepts custom-made power distribution, power input, output, comprehensive power monitoring and control. Design is a power distribution solution that comprehensively improves the management of power distribution operation and safety management.


 First, the product features:

★High reliability

The reliability of power distribution mainly depends on key components. The key components of ST-XL precision power distribution cabinets all use international famous brand products: Circuit breakers: ABB, Schneider, Siemens and other brands. 63A and below miniature circuit breakers can be hot swappable. Adjustable phase switch: 63A or above switch adopts molded case circuit breaker.

★ powerful intelligent function

The precision power distribution monitoring unit is used to carry out all-round energy monitoring on the incoming line and each branch. The LCD touch LCD screen can be configured to browse and read various electrical parameter system information and set it on site, which can be connected to the breakthrough monitoring management host. The computer room implements dynamic ring monitoring and provides comprehensive computer room management services according to customer specific requirements, such as PUE management, IT equipment management, capacity management, intelligent linkage control, and expert systems. It can be networked to achieve centralized management of multiple data centers.

★Excellent maintainability and scalability

Can be designed as dual loop input and output to achieve system redundancy design. All functional units are modular in design and easy to maintain. Optional hot swap, adjustable phase switch. The system can perform switch fault maintenance without power supply, and the load three-phase balance can be adjusted without changing any distribution cables. The output switches are all equipped with terminal blocks for easy wiring and continuous power expansion, which is safe and convenient.

★High power density

The single cabinet comes standard with 20-400KVA, and the single-sector output shunt switch can reach up to 126 channels, which saves 46% of the total room area of the machine room.

Second, the structural characteristics

The appearance is beautiful, the cabinet adopts the size and shape of the international general-purpose server cabinet, the cabinet frame and the angle gauge are selected from the non-welded multi-folded profiles, the bearing is greater than 1500Kg, and the cabinet angle gauge thickness is greater than 2.0mm. The thickness of the frame plate is greater than 2.0 mm, the thickness of the front door panel is greater than 1.5 mm, and the thickness of other panels is not less than 1.0 mm. The front door, rear door and double side baffle of the cabinet can be flexibly disassembled, which can realize front, rear and double side maintenance; the functional unit room, busbar room and cable room of the power distribution cabinet are isolated from each other, and the functions of each room are relatively independent; The wiring layout is reasonable and tidy, and the independent zero row and ground row are configured.

    The cabinet can be flexibly adopted in the way of entering and leaving the line at the same time. The inlet and outlet ports have protection devices.

    The surface of the metal components of the cabinet is rust-proof or spray-treated except for the processing of the assembly surface and the plating surface. Before assembly, the inner surface of the closed structure is also sprayed and rustproofed. The cabinet color can be customized according to the user's prescription.

★Precision power distribution monitoring module

Breakthrough Electric ST-11 Precision Power Distribution Monitoring Module is a multi-loop, multi-function energy meter designed for high-density low-voltage power distribution cabinets such as data center smart headers and large building power distribution cabinets. The 2-way main circuit and the 84-way branch circuit perform high-precision measurement and measurement, power quality analysis, harmonic content, alarm, and recording, which can help users optimize the data center, improve the operating efficiency of the server rack, and provide protection for the all-round green IDC. .


Module features:

▲More comprehensive monitoring, high measurement accuracy, full power measurement supporting 2 main circuits and up to 84 branch circuits

▲ Monitoring the status of multi-channel branch circuit breakers with the help of the switch quantity monitoring module

▲The branch circuit collects the power signal through the integrated CT strip, without wiring, convenient for installation and maintenance

▲ branch circuit voltage take-off phase can be dynamically adjusted

▲The most value statistics function and energy billing function

▲ Harmonic analysis, voltage / current imbalance calculation

▲ waveform record, sequential event record

▲Incremental energy record, rich over-limit alarm function

▲With temperature measurement function, monitor the temperature of the power distribution cabinet and transformer

▲Connected with LCD touch screen, upload data, intuitive and easy to operate

▲ Standard Ethernet and RS-422/485/232 interface for easy integration with the system

▲ EMC anti-interference degree IEC 4, can be applied to harsh industrial environments