Hospital Industry

image.pngThe hospital is a special environment for the power distribution. It has special requirements for grounding, circuit breaker protection and insulation grade.

1  Medical PDU

2  Operating room socket box

3  Industry sockets and switches

4  IT insulation monitoring system

  • Medical PDU

TOP Electric specializes in the production of terminal power equipment for 20 years and has rich experience in the production and use of industrial products.      TOP Electric applied the experience to the hospital's end power supply, designed the medical PDUs, and solved the challenges of end power supplies faced by hospital customers. Medical PDUs provide patients with a more reliable electrical environment to ensure personal safety.

  • ST-HC/PDUimage.png

? Aluminum alloy profiles, anti-electromagnetic interference, static elimination

? Modular design, intelligent module can be configured to monitor the power consumption of the branch

? Support a variety of hole types, highly customized

? With protective door, high degree of protection

? Isolate the arc, safe and reliable

? Combination accessories, flexible combination, flexible application, easy to install and fix

? Clear identification

  •  Operating room socket box

Medical socket boxes, designed by Top Electrical, have beautiful appearance, high protection level, convenience, which solve the problems faced by hospital customers.image.png

? Nice appearance

? With Wi-Fi network port

? Divided into normal and intelligent

? Configurable industrial connectors

? Easy to install and maintain

? Monitor the power usage of each jack circuit to achieve precision medical power distribution

? Multiple devices to achieve comprehensive monitoring of the micro-environment

  •  Industry sockets and switches

Excellent workmanship, industrial level protection, different colors to distinguish different power sources, providing patients with safer medical power.

Flame retardant PC materialimage.png

Easy-plug and unplug

Small resistance

Isolated arc

safe and stable

High heat resistance

Double protection door

Smooth surface for easy wiping

Beautiful and simple workmanship

Easy to install and easy to maintain

  • IT insulation monitoring system

? Complete IT insulation solution with ATS, APF, UPS and battery configuration;image.png

? IT and TN systems are separate for easy maintenance and capacity expansion;

? Modular design for easy installation and maintenance;

? Precision power distribution module to monitor the load status of each branch and solve problems in time;

? Configure human-machine cross-section, timely feedback data and alarms, and fault records;

? Use internationally renowned brand components;

? Small capacity, high efficiency APF, effectively filtering out operating room harmonics;

? UPS and battery match to meet 30min battery life;

? ATS dual-way switching to ensure reliable power supply;

? Fans and hot air channels are installed in the cabinet to effectively dissipate heat and ensure normal operation of the equipment;

? Front panel maintenance for ease of use.