Containerized Data Center

Containerized data centers are a new trend in the development of data centers. Compared to modular data centers, our containerized data centers have some new advantages.

1. Rapid deploymentimage.png

The container data center does not require enterprises to go through space rental, land application, computer room construction, hardware deployment and other cycles, which can greatly shorten the deployment cycle. In the past, traditional data centers could only be completed in at least two years. Containerized data centers can be deployed in a month or two, rapidly increasing storage and computing power for enterprises.

2. Movable

The integrated data center deployed in the container has the characteristics of being able to flexibly change the deployment location compared to the traditional data center. For companies that need to periodically change the location of their data centers, as well as the force, containerized data centers will be a good choice.

3. Safe and reliable

Containers with a high degree of protection will be safer and more stable than ordinary buildings, ensuring proper operation of the equipment and stable communication of data.

The rapid deployment, containerized, and reliable nature of containerized data centers will enable some companies with special requirements, such as those that need to expand their data center capacity for a short period of time.