突破电气网站Beijing Top Electric Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as TOP), founded in Zhongguancun in 1995, specializes in the investment, R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service of electrical and terminal power integrated interconnection solutions. It is a national high-tech enterprise, a high-tech enterprise in Zhongguancun, and an innovative enterprise in Haidian. It mainly provides power supply control and solutions for intelligent integrated interconnected terminals of the Internet of Things, end-power solutions, intelligent control of the terminal power supply, intelligent and green high and low voltage electrical control equipment, and high protection level end power supply solutions. Products include intelligent power system (State Grid), wireless zigbee wireless intelligent control PDU, intelligent Online-ATS dual power conversion PDU, remote intelligent control PDU, electric vehicle terminal power converter, industrial power converter, intelligent power distribution control system , Professional power control devices with intelligent control functions and security functions, office OPDU power distributors, home and similar converters and sockets. TOP (breakthrough) and breakthrough bodyguard brands have a relatively high reputation in China and have a good brand effect.

Since its establishment, the company has adopted the principle of "safety is created by science and technology", and has achieved "integrated interconnection" goals through continuous improvement of technology, providing customers with a safe and intelligent control of a good electricity environment. The company has accumulated rich experience in innovation and development. Over the years, it has insisted on the formation of cooperation and development strengths from external professional advantages and internal comprehensive advantages, and has improved the ability and level of hardware and software technology development. The company's self-developed products have achieved good economic and social benefits. Breakthrough brand quality and service have been recognized by consumers. The company's products have been recognized by the industry and competent authorities for many years.


Top Electric applied for the first trademark in 1995 and has so far had 15 valid trademarks and one hundred patents. The company passed ISO9000: 2000 quality certification.

Leader in safe power, integrated interconnect, intelligent power distribution management experts, and end-power solution branded product provider.